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Exteriors That Excite

At DVC, we know just how important your exterior is as well as your interior. From poptops to wheels and everything in between, we’ve got a range of customisable options for you to choose from, ensuring your van is bespoke to you.

Colours and Bodykits

At DVC we offer a full on-site paint service for repairs as well as colour coding for body kits. And no matter what colour or style you have in mind, our team can make it happen. When it comes to camper vans, we’ve carried out a whole host of paint jobs, including the ever-popular custom half paint as you can see below.

Custom paint jobs are just one of the things we pride ourselves on at DVC.

Pop Tops and Canvases

Pop tops are an incredibly helpful yet eye-catching feature to have on your van. By opting for a pop top, you get access to a roof that can be raised for extra headroom height when standing and moving about in your van, but it can also provide you with an additional bed. At DVC we only use the best quality pop top roofs using a polycotton canvas supplied by streamline pop tops.

Take a closer look at this pop top that we installed on our T6x6 that features stunning starlight lighting for added luxury.

If you’re searching for a better view of your surroundings but still want space to move around, why not opt for an open sky canvas. Our open sky canvas provides the ultimate open-air camping experience. Perfect for those who enjoy the warmer weather and taking in their surroundings.

Speaking of roofs, we can also install full solar kits that are supplied and fitted with an MPPT controller. Perfect for extending the life of 12V batteries, we can find you a solar panel to accommodate your needs, no matter the shape or size of your van.

Tyres and Wheels

At DVC we have access to over 1000 different wheel and tyre packages. That’s right, over 1000!

Always a popular choice, we have a wide variety of alloy wheels on offer that have purposely been designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles. Not to mention that we have access to alloys in a range of different styles, colours, materials and of course prices, to suit every customer. Manufactured to the highest standards we’re also proud to offer Riviera alloys, some of the best wheels that the alloy wheel industry has to offer.


It’s no surprise that camper vans can sometimes be a little harder to manoeuvre than a regular vehicle, especially when exploring rural areas and small towns. That’s why we offer parking sensors and reversing camera kits. Because, let’s face it, you don’t want anything to happen to your brand new ride.

External Modifications

Don’t stop at pop tops and parking sensors. At DVC we can fit your camper van with a whole host of external modifications like side bars, spoilers and custom lights, all you have to do is ask! We’ve even been known to plate VW badges in gold for an incredibly sophisticated finishing touch.

As with any van, we can also install front and side windows, and curtains too, of course, to improve not only your van's look and feel but also insulation.

Extending your Van’s Capabilities

If you’re looking to extend your next camping experience beyond the realms of your van, why not opt for an awning rail? Awning rails are used to attach awnings and canopies like ones you may find on a tent, to your van. The edge of the fabric slides inside the channel of the rail forming a smooth, continuous waterproof connection between fabric and awning rail, perfect for keeping the cold, wind and rain away when camping!

Want to know more about what we can do for your van’s exterior? Give our team a call on 07734 215304 or send an email to and we’ll be ready and waiting to give you a quote!

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